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Step By Step Instructions: How To Build Your Own PC Computer

Learn how to build a custom pc computer with this easy to follow guide

Interested in learning how to build your own custom pc computer? Follow our easy, step-by-step instructional guide designed to teach you what parts you need and how to install hardware for your new pc computer.

  1. Getting Started
  2. A List of Everything you Will Need
  3. Choosing Your Parts and Operating System
  4. Your Workspace
  5. Preparing the Case
  6. Power Supply Installation
  7. Preparing the Motherboard
  8. CPU and Heatsink Installation
  9. Memory Installation
  10. Motherboard Installation
  11. Connect Case Cables to Motherboard
  12. Install Video Card
  13. Connect Power Supply to Motherboard
  14. Quick Power up Test
  15. Install the Hard Drive and Floppy Drive
  16. Install CD-Rom and/or DVD Drive
  17. Connect Internal Cables
  18. Connect External Cables
  19. First Boot
  20. BIOS Setup
  21. Preparing the Hard Drive for the OS
  22. Install the Operating System
  23. Update Drivers
  24. Recommendations After You Are Done
  25. Troubleshooting Your New Computer

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