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How to Build a Computer

Ready to custom build a computer? You have come to the right place!

Why pay big $$$ for a name brand computer, when you can customize and build your own PC for a fraction of the price! It's not rocket science, and we have an easy to follow, step by step guide to building a PC.

You can also learn more about computing in the computer articles section, browse the site for computer parts, get help on the computer forums, view tutorials on PC hardware, and get troubleshooting help if you are having problems.

Step By Step Instructions to Build Your Own Computer



Top 4 Places Online to Buy Computer Parts to Build a PC!

Top 4 Computer Building and Repair E-Books

Our site offers you complete step by step instructions on how to build a computer. If you want more info we have researched some of the best PC building and computer repair ebook guides out there and highly recommend one of these:

  1. How To Build A Gaming Computer For Under $1000
    Complete eBook on how to build a high-performance gaming computer for under $1k. This complete and detailed guide shows you the best PC components to get, and provides step-by-step instructions and full-color illustrations for building the perfect gaming PC! If you are looking to build a gaming computer this is your guide.
  2. Build a PC Tutorial
    Detailed course on how to build your own computer. Contains valuable info on learning fast and comes with a couple of free bonuses that are definitely worth it.
  3. Self Computer Repair Unleashed!
    Get the skills and knowledge to repair and build your own computer. This informative instruction book shows you how PC's work, how to work on them yourself and much more.
  4. Computer Repair Mastery Course
    Learn how a computer works and how to fix it yourself. Save thousands of dollars on PC bills and even start your own business!

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