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Step By Step Instructions: How To Build Your Own Computer

Learn how to build a custom pc computer with this easy to follow guide

Ever wondered how to build your own computer?  Many people write it off as “too difficult”.  This guide will show you how simple it is!  We’ll take you through the entire process in plain easy language step-by-step and you will be amazed how easy it really is. Building your own computer is a very satisfying task, you will get exactly the PC you want that will run how you want it to? You may even save some money too, cool huh? Getting your own custom PC up and ready for the first time can be quite daunting however our simple to follow process whether your 12 or 60 are after a hardcore gaming computer, a simple workstation for email and documents or a budding video editor churning out YouTube videos at a rate of knots, you will craft this machine from the ground up to suit your needs.

How to use this guide

The guide is structured in 25 ‘bite sized’ steps for easy reading. If you lose track at any time click “Start Here” from the top menu for a list of all 25 steps or revisit the home page and click here.

So let’s get started! Step 1: Getting Started.